Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flower Girls!

This wasn't our first rodeo, Addy & Lilly had done this before, but this time it was different. It was UNCLE Jon's wedding. It was NEW YEAR'S EVE. It involved traveling to another state. There were other little people involved. We were the role models??? I really wondered what we had gotten ourselves into...

However, after a bit of anxiety, I calmed myself down knowing that the bride (Aunt Maggie) was laid back and LOVED our kids. This whole flower girl under the age of 8 doesn't work any other way. It also helps that my families are so intertwined, my in-laws and brother-in-laws and some great friends were all invited, so we had all hands on deck when necessary.

The girls were so excited to be a part of it, they loved the other bridesmaids, loved having their Aunt Cat in from DC and their favorite 'big-boyfriends' from Atlanta came too. They loved going to the salon for their first 'up-do', then they loved slowly pulling it out as the night progressed. They LOVED dancing. They LOVED sleeping in a hotel. It was one of those weekends when you look around and realize how lucky you really are to be in the moment (well, at least in the moment when you weren't about to kill a kid.)

The pictures are wonderful, some mine, some the professional photog. It will be tough to decide which to frame! Enjoy....

The Ash/Sadler Pic

Addy--just before midnight--these girls pushed the limits of bedtime!

Cat, Maggie & I

Lilly with my bouquet (they carried flower balls which I loved)

Cat, Jon & I

The girls in the 'green' room right before the ceremony!

Charlie, Maggie's nephew, was the victim of some serious stalking over the weekend!

Me & Lilly

They've never met a stranger....


Christina said...

What great pics and wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Here we are sitting in the KLM lounge at Schiphol airport waiting for our flight to Manchester. Why is a long story for another day. Linda wants to buy the girls wooden clogs but I told her what Aimee would say about more &@?!. The photos are great and capture a very special day filled with fun,laughter and love. We miss the girls already but have promised to bring them some chocolate buttons from England.
Love from Amsterdam,
GaGa Ian