Wednesday, July 18, 2007

30 weeks

Jeremy and I had our pictures taken a week or so ago. Neither of us were too thrilled to do it, but we knew we would regret not having some good pictures (especially if this is the only pregnancy for us). I wanted them taken before I became too large and uncomfortable and the photographer did a great job! Her name is Kate and she is primarily out of North Carolina & New Orleans, but she has family here in Indy and began her business here. Here is one of my favorite shots. She'll also be taking pictures of the twins after their arrival! She even highlighted us on her blog, you can check it out at:

We had a doctors visit today and got to see the babies again. It is getting VERY crowded in there and both were a bit camera shy, so no good sonogram photos. They are 3 lb. 7 oz and 3 lb 9 oz. and ranking in the high percentile for size--so this is very good. As for me, not so good, my blood pressure has been climbing over the last 3 appointments and the doc is concerned. He has told me I have to take a couple days off work and off my feet to try and get it in control. He's going to see me again Friday to plan where we go from here. We'll hope bedrest isn't the solution, but if that is what it is going to take to get these babies here healthy, we may not have any other options. He said he really wants to see me clear 34 weeks and 36 would be ideal. Keep us in your thoughts & prayers.


Catherine said...

I clicked on the photographer's website and she is really good. The pictures of that little toddler are adorable. I really like the picture of you and Jeremy walking hand in hand as well as the one with both your hands on your stomach. The one of you looking down at your stomach is beautiful. Wow-Addy and Lilly are getting big - 3+ pounds. I hope you feel better - keep your feet up.

Christina said...

Aimee, these pictures are beautiful! That was such a good idea to get professional photos taken. You guys look so happy and you look absolutely radiant.
Now, go relax! You'll be doing enough running around once those babies get here! :)

angie said...

Great pictures! Sorry you're bp is going up...I know it can get kinda stressful the last few weeks -- but just think, we're probably (and hopefuly) just 6 weeks away from being able to hold your beautiful little girls!

I'll be thinking of you...all 4 of you!