Monday, July 23, 2007

31 weeks

31 weeks and still cooking. After last week's blood pressure scare, my doctor is seeing me much more regularly with the hope of putting off labor atleast 3 weeks, but another 5 would be ideal. If we can make it to 36 weeks, the chances are great that the babies would come home with me from the hospital, anything before that, they would spend some additional time in the hospital. He has me on very limited activities, only part-time work from home and resting A LOT. I've heard from a lot of people, "Take advantage of this time" and "You won't get any rest after the babies are born, so enjoy it." I take this to heart and know that each day they stay in the healthier they are, but those who know me well, know this is not in my nature. Thanks for the well-wishes...and Cat & Matt a public shout-out for the beautiful flowers!


Joan said...

OK, I finally had to set up a google account so I could comment here. You look fantastic! And big...!!!

Will continue to pray that the girls stay put for at least several more weeks. We all join you in being eager yet understand what's best...and we definitely want what's best! Love to all of you...

aunt julie said...

Great blog site! Loved the bed room colors, Loved the photographs, glad to hear your mom will be staying for a while.

Jeremy, Your dream about being in the canoe reveals to me that you were indeed aware of how conniving you and your brother were being when I was baby sitting for you, which I did regularly, for free, and out of the kindness of my heart.

I knew that even though you were only five years old that you were the master mind behind a secret conspiracy against me, scheming to undermine my authority, and plotting ways to drive me insane.

The thing that bothered me the most was how much sheer delight and joy it gave you.

I tried to tell your parents of your horrid ways but they didn't believe me.

Well my dear nephew, The Lords of Karma do not forget. Your bad deeds will come back to haunt you and you will get what you deserve.

Parenting can be a scarey thing, You will get tested and you will be challenged. It is the childs natural way of discovering who they are, what they are capable of, where their boundaries are, etc. They test us because they trust us.

You will make mistakes, but as long as your responses are from the heart and guided with unconditional love you can't go wrong.

love, Aunt Julie