Tuesday, July 24, 2007

32 weeks/My wishes for the girls/Baby Cahill Arrives

First--let us say congrats to the Cahills (blog linked on the right) Baby Mallory is Addy & Lilly's first friend born during the "year of the babies". Here's a picture...welcome to the world!

"Modified bed rest" gets a girl thinking and here are just a few of the things I wish for you, Addy & Lilly.

  • Your dad is one of the most caring people on the planet, truly someone that would give you the shirt of his back. He jokes that he's as loyal as a golden retriever and most of his friends would agree. I think of my life in 2 phases, pre-Jeremy and post-Jeremy because he changed me. Not in a creepy way, he still gave me room to be who I am. The truth is, I never saw myself as a wife and a bride until I saw myself with him and the same is true as a mother. I never imagined myself a parent until I found the guy I wanted to be a parent with. I hope you have his heart and his loyalty. (And just to be specific I hope you are spared his appetite and his body hair)
  • Grandma Linda and Grandma Jody will become your best friends because they will spoil you--but I've told them it is only allowed until you are old enough to know you are being spoiled, then it has to stop. Linda has been through a lot, but the truth is I've never seen her lose faith, I hope you get this trait from her. Jody will teach you to stand up for yourself and to embrace your own individuality. (She's also a science teacher, so she's responsible for teaching you about bugs & frogs and stuff.
  • Grandpa Ian has traveled many places and has a strong sense of adventure and respect for other cultures, I hope you learn this from him.
  • Grandpa Dave is a music buff and never happier than when he is listening to live music with a cocktail in his hand. He loves to have a good time and loves life. He will teach you this at a very young age.
  • Your aunt Cat is a character. She's an avid shopper and your shoe closet already reflects her good taste. She is also one of the smartest women I know. She knows that you can only pass the SAT's or GRE's (or any of life's big tests for that matter) if you are wearing the right outfit and feeling good about yourself. You'll learn a lot from her, but this will be an important lesson as she is the only aunt in a sea of uncles.
  • Uncle Chris is the life of the party, much like Grandpa Dave, but when the party is over, he is the first to lend a helping hand when needed. I have no doubt that he and your dad will help you master the 3-point shot, pitch a softball, score a touchdown, etc. My challenge will be to keep them from trying to get this done all at once.
  • Uncle Jon is very laid back and doesn't let much bother him. He knows who he is and doesn't apologize for it. He's definately Hoosier proud and wants to take you to IU's campus as soon as you are old enough to show you where you are going to go to school, but mom may make a detour. Your mom & dad are a little high strung, so hopefully Uncle Jon will teach you some balance :-)
  • Uncle Joe is an avid outdoorsman. He and your dad will take you camping and won't let you be girly girls. They'll teach you how to fish and appreciate nature in it's simplest form. (I'm also convinced he'll have a set of golf clubs for you as soon as you are old enough to walk.)

There are so many people beyond just our immediate families who are amazing in their own right. Your mom, dad, friends and family will teach you that the world is yours for the taking. A common fear parents expecting twins has is the concern that each child won't develop their own sense of identity, however looking at where you come from and the 2 families that merged to bring you into the world, that isn't a concern of mine at all. Here's a pic at 32 weeks...


jen lev said...

SO CUTE! Aim, I'm so excited for you and Jeremy! I loved your "wished for the girls!" My wish for the girls = please POP out soon so I can fly to INDY to have a cocktail with your mom! Love you all...all 4 of you!
Love Auntie YEN!