Monday, August 20, 2007

9 days old

I thought I'd write as Jeremy and I are posted up at the hospital, both of us on our laptops, him doing work and me blogging.... They kick us out of the NICU between feedings, because they believe in "clustered care." This means that every 3 hours, we get to take their temperatures, change their diapers and feed. It takes about an hour to do this, then we have about 2 hours to kill and they kick us out because in that 2 hours, the girls are supposed to be unstimulated, resting and growing.
The pictures above are the girls having some grandma time, then Lilly sleeping and Addy wide awake. Believe it or not, their outfits are preemie size, and still are so big, but we are having fun playing dress up!
So, what are we waiting on to take them home? The bottom line is that we need to get the feeding tubes out. Right now, they are both about 50/50, they'll take about half of their feedings entirely by bottle, then the other half the time, they'll take most and have to use the tubes to get the rest. All of their food is so important, that until they eat consistently, we can't take them home for fear that they would lose weight. Both lost about 10 % of their birth weight, which is typical and now they are putting it back on. Addy got as little as 4 pounds, while Lilly's lowest was 4.6.
Anyway, that is our news, once they feed consistently, they'll come home, but no doctor will give us an estimate of when that will be, so we continue to spend A LOT of time at the hospital.
Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers!


Christina said...

I can't believe it's already been 9 days! They're beautiful and I'm glad they're growing and doing well!

Catherine said...

My nieces are perfect:) I just cannot possibly come up with a different adjective. They look so sweet:) Aimee - you should be such a proud mommy because Addy and Lilly look like they are doing fantastic:) And Addy looks so fashion-forward in her little hat:) She must get that from her Aunt;)