Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 5--Addy & Lilly--The adventure continues

Here are a few pics--we are doing well, each day is an adventure and there is still some quality time left to be spent in the NICU. Here are some pics without feeding tubes (they went back in, but were out for a while). The rosy cheeks on Addy are from the tape from the tubes.
Jeremy called them our little bobble head dolls today. They are so funny and we love spending time with them, but days at the hospital are exhausting. We decided it was like we are both recovering from a week long hangover without ever having the party before. We know it is just to prepare us for the tornado after we bring them home.
Thanks for well wishes--sorry we can't return all the phone calls & e-mails, time is precious and we are trying to spend as much time with the girls as possible.


Catherine said...


I cannot believe I am related to the cutest babies in the whole world:) They are so freaking adorable-I cannot decide which picture should be my screensaver:) You and Jeremy look fantastic!!!! I cannot wait to meet those little angels!!!!!!!!!! Love you, Cat

Megs said...

Everyone looks amazing! They will be home before you know it! Addy and Lilly, keep up the good work!

Christina said...


Congratulations!!! We had no internet while we were down the shore this past week, so my mom called to tell us and we are so excited!!

They are absolutely beautiful and precious and you and Jeremy look great. I can't wait to see more pictures!!

angie said...

WOW! They're beautiful...and although they may be fraternal twins...I think they definitely look a like! CONGRATS Momma Ame!
You, Daddy and the little love bugs are in my prayers!


*You look TERRIFIC...are you sure you just had twins?!