Saturday, February 16, 2008

6 Month Milestone

So, I've figured it out. The most beautiful part of motherhood is that every "phase" they go through is the very best phase there is. Then, as soon as they are out of it and on to the next phase, you think that's the best. I also have to admit that we've had some friends come to us in the last week or so to announce they are expecting (twins, believe it or not!--Congrats Lauren & Chad) and here's another trick--I've ALMOST forgotten the hell that it took to get these beautiful babies into our lives. Seriously, when I try and think back to the morning sickness, the food aversions, the swelling, the high blood pressure, the constant trips to my OB, the nutrition regimen, the c-section, the NICU--it takes me a while to recollect my memories. THIS IS HOW WOMEN CONVINCE THEMSELVES TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY! Don't worry--it's not happening, atleast not anytime soon. I do have to be honest and say that this 6 month milestone has come with nostalgia as I can't believe my babies are growing up so fast. Lilly has cut her first tooth and Addy is as squirmy as ever. They laugh and react and are getting pretty "verbal". I come home from work and they squeak and squack as if they are telling me all about their day. Jeremy and I look at each other all the time and wonder how it is we created such wonderful, beautiful, smart, healthy babies--do these thoughts end?? Am I still going to be wondering this on such a regular basis when they are in high school?? Seriously, I need to know...

I began to make my own baby food...I know, I know, those of you who know me best are thinking that I'm not very good in the kitchen, so what's wrong with Gerber?? Well, I thought it was worth a try, they say it is "greener", healthier, cheaper, etc. So, I bought a book called "So Easy: Baby Food, Make it Natural Make it Fresh". So far, so good, we've mastered sweet potatoes. And when I say we, I actually mean that I mastered making them, the girls still aren't actually eating anything I put on the spoon, but we try nonetheless. It's kind of a Dummies guide to introducing solids and we need all the help we can get.

This week brought our 6 month check up to the doctor. She continues to be impressed with their development and their growth. Addy came in at 16 pounds, 10 ounces and is in the 63% of weight, she's 25 inches long and still in the highest percentile for head circumfrance (93%). Lilly is still rapidly gaining weight and is a healthy 18 pounds, 8 ounces, which is the 89th percentile!! She's 26 inches long and also has a pretty big head (77th percentile). Not, that it's a contest, because I'm certainly not advocating that, but I did smack talk for a while about Megan having a "big baby", being overcooked at birth and growing like a weed, but now 6 months later, Ms. Lilly has passed up her girlfriend, Mallory, in the weight department. Serves me right--karma's a b*&%$.

This milestone had to be recognized with another series of pictures, so here is the newest round...

Lilly in the green stripes, Addy in the flowers. Daddy said we should have had a haircut before the photo shoot, but I thought the wisps showed her male-patterned baldness.

The photographer did a great job of capturing their expressions--Addy does this face atleast 20 times a day, she looks in wonder as she explores things for the very first time.

Lilly and her mischevious tongue, she is eating and sucking on anything she can get into her mouth right now, so this look was priceless.

I certainly didn't go expecting to have my picture taken, but they were getting restless and seemed to calm, atleast for a while, in my lap.

With the DG sorority theme being sailing and such, I got a couple sailor dresses at showers, these came from Jamie Bell and were adorable for their pictures!

Again, a classic expression--this is Lilly wondering what the hell is going on.



jenlevering said...

AH! These pics are so CUTE!!!DARLING...DARLING!

Catherine said...

My nieces are so freaking adorable I cannot deal with it!!!!! Why are they such a trip?? Their personalities are so much bigger than they are:) I love their little sailor dresses (sadly I participated in a phone call with the fashion - challeneged Jeremy and he informed me that Lili was dressed like a boy on Saturday:()

I cannot decide if I love the first or last picture the most! Addy's little barrette cracks me up though:) I am so excited to meet the little munchkins;)

A-I have to ask why are the babies always barefoot in their photos? Has Jeremy brain-washed you into believeing that shoes do not make an outfit? What has Jeremy done with all the shoes I sent for Addy and Lilly?

Catherine said...

A-I was so taken in by the pictures I did not even remember to comment on your new role as baby food maker. A-do you have any time to sleep?? Baby food from scratch???? Nice that you are Indiana's Martha Stewart minus the rap sheet. As to your possible desire for another kid, do you remember when we were little and Jonathan was born - we tried to sell him for a quarter! If you have another kid keep Addy and Lilly away from the quarters. From what I have seen Addy and Lilly are a little smarter than we were...they might succeed where we failed;)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big your girls are and how you have time to keep up with your blog! It's crazy how fast they grow, and you are totally right about thinking each new phase is better than the next. how is that possible! Just wait till you wake up one day and realize you can have a conversation with then like a little adult! Glad to see everyone is doing well! Tell Jeremy Hi for me!
Kindra Lang

jillian said...

I LOVE the black & white picture too! They were all good, but that one is awesome.

I cannot believe how big they are getting, and what big heads they have! I wonder where they got that from...

So exciting to hear about what is going on and the new adventures you guys are getting into. And yes, I think you will be feeling like this from now until their wedding day!

Laura & Jeremy said...

Those pictures are adorable, Aimee!!! I don't have a sailor dress for our little girl, but I think that is a neccesity, isn't it?