Saturday, February 2, 2008

Spoon Feeding

Well, we were warned by our pediatrician not to start "solid food" until the 6 month mark. She said that with their preemie status, they would probably refuse it as their tongues would still have the thrust reflux. We decided to do it anyway AMA (Against Medical Advice) and guess what, they still have the thrust reflux, but we are still going and they'll get it eventually. The pictures are funny regardless of the fact that they never actually swallowed.

Here they are, ready for Valentine's Day! I think this is the first picture that we managed to get them both to smile at the same time. Obviously, not at the camera, but we are probably asking too much out of them there.

And now, Addy's movie debut. Notice how my girls seem to be their happiest when they don't have any clothes on...hopefully, again, not a sign of what is to come. Addy also definatlely recognizes when the camera is on her and gets a little shy, but it is adorable nonetheless.
They are both such happy babies and our weekends and full of such joy as we laugh most of the day with them. They are observant and love making new friends. We went to the home show in Indy this weekend and they were smiling and laughing at anyone that would talk to them. Addy is rolling both ways now, although each time she does it, she seems to surprise herself. Lilly shows no interest in her sister's newfound mobility, but we are sure she'll do it in her own time.


Christina said...

I think Daddies will do any goofy thing and make any silly sound just to make their babies laugh. It's so cute.

The girls are so pretty. I love their little Valentine's Day outfits. They're just adorable!

Because Chase is getting teeth already, we definitely won't be waiting until the 6th month to start cereal. Also he eagle eyes our food so avidly that I think he might at least get a kick out of trying to eat like Mommy and Daddy.

Did you do rice cereal or oatmeal or barley?

Aimee Ash said...

Christina--You are right about the goofiness. The girls think it is cute now, but there will come a day where they just look at him like he is the dorkiest guy on the planet :-)

As for food--we did rice, oatmeal is next, we may skip on the barley. I bought a book to do your own fruits & veggies called "So Easy-A guide to starting solids" or something like that, that blog will be coming...

Catherine said...

The girls are so beautiful in the Valentine's Day outfits:) I love them in red:) Aimee- Addy and Lilly have been brainwashed by your husband to think that they are happiest when they are only in their diapers! Do not worry as I also have a few tricks up my sleeve - when I leave Indiana those babies are going to be little clotheshorses:)
I am so proud of little Addy being such a good roller:) Lilly will roll when she is ready I am sure:) These videos are the best thing ever though:) Their little personalities really shine through - they are SO SWEET:) I love that they think they are so funny:) I don't think I have ever been so excited to meet two people as I am to meet Addy and Lilly! And of course to set fire to those atrocious jerseys:) It's kind of win-win:)