Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Rules....

We got our wear out of the costumes this year (check out the original occasion here) and between my Northside Twins & Multiples party, in-home playgroup playdate, a birthday party and trick-or-treating, we picked up some tips we thought we'd share. My "Angels" were adorable and we had fun, now it's time to put this holiday behind us and head into November! Enjoy the pictures.
1. Keep your friends close and enemies closer...
(Our monthly playgroup celebrating a bit early) 2. Refuel regularly
(hot dogs were the food of choice:
portable, no mess and avoid the bun all together...can't afford the carbs.)

3. Build up endurance early in the day

(exercising while attending a halloween birthday party for a friend!)

4. Pick your vehicle for streghth & durability

5. Keep that sweet smile on your face so no one questions how many times you've been to the cookie table

6. Stay hydrated

7. Motivate each other ("High-5 Sis")

8. Practice on home field before going to unknown territory

9. Stay warm

10. Reap your reward


Catherine said...

You girls look so great! Your costumes are fabulous! I am glad you had fun trick or treating:) I remember your mom was a champ at trick & treating. Hope you girls stay warm in November - I cannot believe how close the holidays are getting:) Loved talking to your guys this week - you are getting so loud! A quality no doubt inherited from your father!

BandBbaby said...

They truely are two beautiful angels!!

Laura and Jeremy said...

What angels! Looks like they had a great time with all the festivities!

Jillian said...

Such great advice and amazing pictures! Are those their flowergirl dresses? Great idea.

Christina said...

Such beautiful angel costumes!

Also, is that one baby at the play date dressed as a fish? That is so cute!

Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!