Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Things I Thought/Said I'd Never Do....

They only look sweet and innocent...
Things I thought/said I'd never do....
1. Dress my kids alike

2. Put crib tents on their cribs

3. Spank a bum

4. Install a DVD player in my car

5. Lose my mind....
(Check, check, check, check, check)
Is it Friday yet?


Catherine said...

I did not even know what a crib tent was! Nice my beloved nieces are in baby jail:( Sad.

I don't think you dress them alike very often Aimee - there is always a little something different!

Your new camera is amazing - I really like this picture of their faces together - you are doing a nice job photographing them:)

Have a good Halloween you guys:) I am sure you will have a lot of fun being on a sugar high for days on end!

Andrea said...

haha! Love it! I've eaten my words more times than I know!

Jillian said...

Nothing wrong with any of those in moderation. And the crib tents are really not that bad, I thought they sounded horrible until I saw them. And it's better than the alternative, which is them jumping out of the crib and hurting something!

Hopefully numbers 1 through 4 help you with number 5. Hang in there!

Jenny said...

Great post! SO GOOD! Short sweet, to the point, and I so feel you!

Do crib tents work? Seriously?! I currently have a LOCK on the door! Ugh.

One of the best peices of advice I received when becoming a mama was "never say never". So true.

My Lily saw this B&W pic of your girls on my dashboard and said, "who is that mommay". I clicked on your blog, and said, "do you know these girls names?" She said "Lily and Addie?" I said, "Yes, but a different Lilly and Addy, they are twins". Then Addie came to join me. Both girls were SO enamored by looking at another Lilly and Addy, they couldn't tear their eyes away, wanting to know everything about them and watch videos, etc. So cute! If you ever have a son, just FYI, you'll need to name him Bryson...but you can spell it however you want. Haha! :)