Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Crush....

Ode to Jacob...
Oh Jacob D. how we love thee
We fight to have you play with Lilly or Addy
We loved having you come to our house and stay to sleep
We love when you play with our stuffed cows, horses and sheep
We adore your silly laugh and always want to hug you
We know you are secretly admiring too
At our young age, it may be too early to stalk
and we know our daddy's watching you like a hawk...

It's no secret we've had a love affair with our friend Jacob since he was born. Some highlights here. This affair has intensified since toddlerhood has arrived and the last couple gatherings have confirmed what I already knew, they have both confessed...."I love jacob".
Lilly can't get enough of the little man during our sleepover last week.
(Jacob's uncle got married, so we got him for the night!)Addy looking for snuggles before bed...
Breakfast with our buds.

We gathered at our house for our second annual Halloween playdate with friends. I'll post the group shot later in the week. But here we are rocking our angel costumes with Jacob as Donald Trump...they were too cute!
They sat still long enough for a few pictures and then had enough with the costumes! We'll see how they do this week.


GranBecks said...

Oh, Addy & Lilly, I think you have split JD's heart! At least, the portion from which his parent's will part! But when JD plays little Donald Trump & gets grumpy and tired, warn those little cheribs that even they may hear, "You're Fired!!" Thanks, Aimee for such a fun post and again for caring for your friends in such real ways!

Catherine said...

I love the angel costumes:) That's a really cute idea - I am not sure though if it is meant to be ironic;) I heard some major screaming this week on the phone!

I can't believe that Addy & Lilly are crushing on the same boy! Jacob is a cutie-pie though - I like the Donald Trump costume as well. Glad you girls are already having sleepovers with boys - way to be asleep at the wheel Jeremy;)

mamalouise said...

Awww...this was soo sweet! Thank you so much for this nice post about our JD! He loves Addy and Lilly too! He can't get enough of their love baby! I wonder what we will do when high school dances really do come around...I hope they don't fight over him too hard (hehe)! :) Seriously though...thank you again and again for this lovely post, it touched our hearts! Who knew you were a poet?! Love that! You are the bestest!