Wednesday, October 7, 2009

New Fall Adventures....

From Butler's Homecoming Tailgate to our first trip to Chuck E Cheese AND our first fall bonfire with s'mores, these girls have been in HEAVEN!

"Cornhole, what? I thought this board was a seat made just for us..."

"Marshmallow, Chocolate, Graham cracker, what's not to love."
Lilly, figuring out the best way to eat it--open or closed--she chose opened
What makes a fall bonfire better---FRIENDS!
The pink crew L-R, Carolina, Lilly, Mallory, Addy
Riding the flying bike at Chuck E Cheese...they had a blast trying out the games...

Addy, deep in contemplation, which game will be next? I can't remember if this is before or after her 4 pieces of adult-sized pizza. This girl can put it away....

Wrapping up the day at home, talking to Daddy about our Chuck E Cheese adventure, Lilly looked at him with VERY serious eyes and said, "Jacob, I love Jacob"....and who can blame the girl really--I'm not sure they get much cuter!


Catherine said...

Addy & Lilly always look pretty happy when they are eating! I bet Jeremy was thrilled about Lilly having a crush on Jacob! I thought Lilly already had a boyfriend - the one that she had her first kiss with! She's a heartbreaker:) I am glad that your first trip to Chuck E. Cheese was such a success- I am certain it will not be your last;) Love all your pink girls! You look fabulous:)

sandi said...

Fabulous photos! I have to smile seeing the girls....even giggle! They are so darn cute! Awesome ending to a crappy day! Thanks! Sandi
Kiss those chucky cheeks for me!