Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 = Smarty Pants

All of a sudden, the girls turning 3 has brought me to a new stage of insightful, intelligent, too-smart-for-their-own-good little girls. I can't get away with some of the little things I could before. They're on to me now. Here are a few of the conversations happening in our house right now.

Context: Jeremy's out of town for the night, I'm putting the girls to bed.

Me: Good night Addy--I love you so much, you know that right?
Addy: I know Mom (no longer mommy most of the time-ugh). Will Daddy be in your bed in the morning?
Me: No, Daddy's on a trip, but you can come in my bed in the morning and watch cartoons.
Addy: So you sleep all by yourself tonight?
Me: Yep, Mommy will sleep by herself and Addy will sleep by herself and Lilly will sleep by herself.
Addy: I don't sleep by myself, I sleep with my blankies and animals. You wanna sleep with my bear tonight so you don't have to sleep by yourself?

(cue heart melting)

Context: Running late to get them to school, everyone's ready but me, I decide I'll take them drop them off, then come run back to the house to shower and head to work (that's the benefit of sending them 2 minutes away, right?) I'm loading them in the car...kids (check), backpacks (check)

Lilly: Mommy, I no wanna go to my new school today. (whiny voice)
Me: Lilly, all big girls go to school, you'll be fine.
Lilly: I want to stay here with you.
Me: Honey, I don't stay here, I go to work, your daddy goes to work, your grandma goes to work, everyone goes to work, you can't stay here alone.

Now we are pulling out of the driveway

Lilly: If you're going to work, where is your 'puter bag?

(Got me there kid)

Me: Mommy's in meetings all day today, I don't need my computer (I don't think she bought it)

Context: Had a great playgroup with some new & old friends last week. The girls ask so many questions before people come over and after they leave. I'm literally interrogated--what's Skyla's daddy do when he goes to work? What do you think George and Teddy are having for dinner? Does Logan like his Daddy? Does Brooke's mommy like dogs? It's a riot, but exhausting--they are so inquisitive! After a really fun playgroup, I knew I'd get some questions, but wasn't expecting this one...

Lilly: Will those kids come back and play another day?
Me: We can invite them to come another day, would you like that?
Lilly: Yes. What are all their names again?
Me: I list the names of the kids who were here.
Lilly: Can they bring their Daddy's to play next time?
Me: Not everyone has Daddy's honey, a couple of those kids have two mommies isn't that cool?
Lilly: That's cool. Their mommies can come play next time.

5 hours later that day....

Lilly: Mom, when I'm four can I have two mommies?

Ha! Needed to blog, so the conversations wouldn't be forgotten!

Other activities, we gave the girls their "big girl" bikes that have been in our attic until they got tall enough and I was ready for the change and they LOVE them!


Jenny said...

I soooo need to document some of our conversations, because they say them faster than I can remember. I sit down at a keyboard and go BLANK, when they've said 700 funny great things that day. When do we start our 7 blogs? Do you want to do it on the 1st? I like starting with a round number...Should we just say every year on Sept 1, we get rid of summer baggage with 7 in 7 (or 10 in 10!)? Is 2 days notice enough for you? I'm home from a week long vacation...and I have a summer's worth of little things before that. :) Happy working! I'm back for the first day in a week and....I don't wanna!!

Aimee said...

Jenny--It's easy to forget, that's for sure! I'll motivate you to do 7 in 7 on the 1st, but we'll be out of town, so won't be able to do it. Could start on the 6th--but the number might not be round enough for you???

Jenny said...

I could start on the 6th!

Aimee said...

It's a blogging date! BTW--are you on facebook--we should be friends?

Jenny said...

I am on FB, jenny blanchet herman.

Sorry for some reason I thought we were starting 7 in 7 on the 7th, but I'll get one out today! :) I'll have to stick with Pacific Time! :)