Monday, August 9, 2010

Dentist, Doctor's, New School--Oh My!

Summer is coming to a close (despite temps rising!) and as the girls get closer to their 3rd birthday--we've been checking things off the to-do list! They've done the dentist once before, but not actually had a cleaning, so this was a first. They were too funny and Addy, without prompting, went up to Lilly when she was in the chair to "hold her foot" for comfort. They did great and had NO cavities :-)
Next, we hit the doctor's office for their well-visit. One traumatic vaccine later and I brought home these BIG girls...
Lilly: 36.3 lbs (90th percentile), 38 1/2 inches tall (77th)
Addy: 33.7 lbs (78th percentile), 39 1/4 inches tall (89th)
Not bad for a couple of preemies....
Their 3rd year of life has also brought them to a new preschool. They LOVE it so far and have even cooperated during "rest time." The kids eat "family-style", so I don't pack a lunch and they get to eat varying foods and hopefully get peer pressured into eating some healthy options. The school offers "Watch Me Grow" webcams in the classrooms so I can check in on them during the day. I think this is a true sign of the times and seems a bit to "Big Brother" esque to me, but shows the school takes pride in who they are and how they fill the days of busy toddlers.
Enjoy the pictures--more posts & pics coming soon!

Lilly, quite the observer in both appointments.

Addy comforting her sissy

Addy making friends with all the techs


abps said...

Regular Visit to Dentist helps check the condition of our teeth, and improves our overall health.

Svenja und Rebecca said...

oh that's sweet!
I exactly know the time when i was so young ;)
We will follow you, hope you follow us , too!
At our blog all the post's are in german but I will post some more in english, too ;)