Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Third Birthday

It was around this time 3 years ago that I was wheeled out of recovery and into the NICU to meet my baby girls. Girls who had given me quite a scare earlier in the day, delivered via emergency c-section, just 1 minute apart. Girls that couldn't wait to past 33 1/2 weeks to live outside my body. Girls, who in an instant, taught me that I loved more than I ever thought possible. Happy 3rd birthday to the girls who will always be my babies. (Addy, left & Lilly, right-below)

They woke up to me singing Happy Birthday to them, they wore their princess crowns, scooted on their new princess scooters and joined the cul-de-sac's first day of school doughnut party, thinking it was all for them :-)

When asked what they wanted to do, Lilly wanted to "hang out with the elephants", so we headed to the zoo. Addy loved the zebras...

The girls were especially affectionate to each other today, which was nice as it seems fighting is more the norm around here. They were quick to tell each other Happy Birthday and give a hug or a kiss.
We ran into a few of our favorite friends. They later recounted the day to Aunt Cat, telling her about the dolphin show, the lemurs who were too hot, the rhin-o-srosis, the giraffes and the super-fast cheeeee----tahs.

Dad took a break from the office and met up with us, the girls thought that was such fun. He took us to lunch and made sure they knew how special they are!

Addy had said she wanted to swim after afternoon naps, but the thunderstorms had other plans for us. We gathered some family & friends and headed out to dinner. They got some special surprises......and of course some sweets. Tuckered out, they were both quick to tell me that they had a great day and reminded me "mommy's birthday is next". We've got another month, but at least they've started the countdown to when they can have cake next! They haven't totally figured it out yet, but their party is coming up this weekend and yes, there will be cake :-)

Happy Birthday Addy & Lilly!


Brooke said...

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girls! We miss you so much and will be thinking about you Saturday!
Ty, Jax and Kota

Flesworthy said...

Looks like a fun day--happy birthday, Addy & Lilly!

Anonymous said...

Great blog--what a difference three years makes!Sounds like a perfect day,hopefully the being nice to each other will continue.Trust the thunderstorms will stay away from their party this weekend. See you then.
GaGa Ian

Lauren said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Addy and Lilly! Can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend.

Lani said...

Hsppy Birthday to Addy & Lilly!

Catherine said...

Happy birthday baby girls:) I love you so, so much and you are such amazing little girls and we are all so lucky to be your family! Love, Aunt Cat