Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 Blogs in 7 Days: Day 3 Things I Couldn't Live Without

Okay, so perhaps the title is a bit dramatic. The Beatles probably said it best, "All they need is love." I know I could have lived without them, but life might not have been as comfortable or as happy! This conversation is debated a lot in the new mommy world, especially with twins. Many wonder if you need 2 of everything, or 2 of somethings and if you need 2 of somethings, what somethings would that be. So I thought I'd reflect on a few things I LOVED during the stages of my twins. I'm not being paid by any of these companies and lord knows my readership isn't high enough to warrant that, but it does help when I think back and have to buy gifts at certain stages, so I decided to document.

I continue to push moms of multiples to read "When Your Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads"
A great resource for me!

Lots of diapers, bibs (my girls were droolers), onsie pajamas (with zips not snaps) and a good baby carrier. We loved the Bjorn and the cheap knock-off Evenflo one. We used to walk the neighborhood or eat standing up while the girls slept. These were a god-send. Also a good time to find friends expecting around the same time or join a mom's group! You know what they say misery loves company and sometimes it's just fun to know you aren't going through sleep deprivation alone (ahem, I mean it's nice to share the joys of motherhood with others)! Things I didn't need but had: a wipes warmer, fancy dresses, baby shoes.

3-6 months
My kiddos never LOVED the swing, but we hung out a lot in a bouncy seat--it helped with the reflux and if I propped just right every once in a while I could feed both at the same time. Lilly never took to it, but Addy loved the playmats. Things I didn't need but had: diaper changing table cushion top (it was easier to do it on a blanket on the floor).

6-9 months
A& L LOVED the Around-We-Go exersaucer. I LOVED the fisher-price booster chairs. We also couldn't have lived without sun-hats during this phase, the dorky, all around the rim hats. Sunscreen got in their eyes and they have such fair skin. Things I didn't need but had: a big, bulky high-chair that took up way too much space in my kitchen and was a pain to clean.

9-12 months
I loved the "So Easy Make Your Own Baby Food Kit"--a great gift! This is also the time that I really go eager to take them out & about--we joined the YMCA and got our zoo membership. Both have been so valuable to our family! Things I didn't need but had: Baby Einstein DVDs and soothing music to put on when they went to bed (kiddos never liked them, although I know for some they are a lifesaver) .

1 year
For their first birthday, they got a play kitchen and a leap frog push school bus. Both toys had a serious lifespan. Bath toys also become essential as they can spend an hour in the tub! Although I hate to admit it, but for car trips, this is also the time my DVD players began to save my sanity! Lastly--this is about the time our house became a gated-community using all the gates we could to keep kiddos contained & safe. I fell in love with the Gerber Graduates Sippy Cups as they were indestructible and didn't spill. Things I didn't need but had: We have become a breeding ground for stuffed animals, I swear they are multiplying.

2nd year
My messy eaters needed these super bibs. We loved our puddle-jumper life jacketsin the water and our Monkey-harnesses when we were on the go! We loved our red-wagon. Lilly rarely went a day without a bowl of some variety of Cheerios. This summer wouldn't have been the same without our bike trailer! Things I didn't need but had: I could shed my monitor because they have no problems making me hear them. We have also rid our home of almost all gates!

3rd year
We just go here, so if you have/had a 3 year old, tell me what you couldn't have lived without! Or simply comment something I forgot that you couldn't live without!


Brooke said...

I need sippy cups that don't spill!!!! Thanks for the suggestion ... and I totally agree with the highchair. We have spacesavers! As for my three year old ... boys are so different. Thank goodness for the great outdoors, remote control cars, sidewalk chalk, and Diego!

Jillian said...

I have to say I love our video monitor. Owen is a great sleeper but he thrashes around a lot and without the video I feel like we would be checking on him constantly. It helps us to know when we really need to go in there and take care of him in the middle of the night.