Monday, September 27, 2010

We love football season!

Addy & Lilly were born Colts fans and this is one picture we never miss taking in a year, despite this year being a little late :-) Aunt Cat, you should be proud as we've upgraded from the jerseys thanks to our friend Kristina!

September 2007

September 2008

September 2009

September 2010


Jenny said...

Aimee, this is so great! I love comparison pictures SO much. And we love football season too! YAY! We are more college than pro in the Herman house, but cute kids in fave team gear is the same awesome! :)

Jody said...

Soooo cute! Everybody looks like they have new Colts gear. It's so fun t see how they have changed! GaGa Jody

Kristina said...

The outfits are a great upgrade!! And I also love that you chose not to use the mock turtlenecks that were included...those things were AWFUL! Girls look adorable! Hopefully we'll get some videos posted of the girls performing cheers throughout the football season.

Anonymous said...

I love how my girls have changed throughout these pictures. They have gotten so much bigger.

On a self conscious note....My forehead has also gotten bigger. My age is showing and so is my receding hairline.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you have to understand nobody is looking at you!!! Seriously what a difference one year makes but three is amazing. These are great photos and the girls look soo happy,they really do love those colts. I am surprised you have not had a post from Aunt Cat because she hated those polyester blue outfits and should consider this year's outfits a huge improvement!!! GaGa Ian