Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 Blogs in 7 Days: Day 4:Tasteful Times

Hey, have you heard??? Yes. I'm sure you have because EVERYONE I know has heard the saga that has been the opening of my family's gourmet food store. But, the fact is, now it is OPEN and ready to serve! So, if you are a friend, or a friend-0f-a-friend, or a neighbor or a random reader and you live in Central Indiana--add it to your list of places to shop this weekend! My family would so appreciate! If you aren't local, it doesn't hurt to visit their website or their facebook page. To my brother & parents--I'm proud of you for making this dream a reality!


Christina said...

I can't even tell you how excited I am for your family! This is awesome. I wish we were a.) within a reasonable driving distance of the store and/or b.) there was something like this around here (thanks to Pennsylvania's archaic blue laws, it won't happen). congratulations to the Sadlers!!

Kristina said...

We are SOOOOO there when John and I are in town in October!!! Congrats and looking forward to see it, your parents, and all of you!

Anonymous said...

We could not have done this without all our family and friends support and especially Aimee and her constant "holding us accountable" She has been a rock and we appreciate everything she has done and continues to do for " Tasteful Times" and Love her very much.

Mum. Dad and Jonathan