Sunday, January 9, 2011

Amateur Photography

The girls each got a Fisher Price Kid Tough digital camera from Santa, so I thought I'd dedicate a blog to some of their shots. I figured it would be a good glimpse of life through their eyes. After reviewing over 200 photos, I learned a few things. 1. Daddy takes far too many naps. 2. Mommy drinks far too much wine. 3. The girls watch far too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Enjoy!

Lilly behind the lens

The best photographers need to fuel up before their shoots

One of 7 napping daddy pictures

When I showed this to Addy, she said, "I was taking pictures of my best friends"



Addy on Christmas night

Grandpa Ian, probably taken by Addy as he would fall into the best friend category too!


kathy said...

too cute!!!!

mamalouise said...

I have to say that your children have a MUCH brighter future in photography than Mr. JD! All of our pictures from this same camera so far are so blurry its hard to make anything out! I was thinking it was the camera's quality...Addy and Lilly officially just proved me wrong! HA!

Jillian said...

I'm terrible, I just caught up on weeks worth of blogging, and now I miss you all like crazy! I loved reading about your holidays, it makes me so excited for future Christmas' with Owen when he is as excited as the girls were. Glad you all had so much fun over the holidays, I'm sorry we didn't get to see you at all. Our trips to Indy were very short. We are visiting the last weekend of January, will you guys be around?

Love the picture of Jeremy at naptime, great candid :) And I love seeing him without glasses!!

Aimee said...

@Michelle--I did mention that there were HUNDREDS of photos, right? There were many of the wall, carpet & ceiling, then far too many that were just black :-) You need lots of light and JD needs to stand still and he doesn't do that well--wonder if they sell tripods for these puppies?

Sheena/H2Mommy said...

Love the post. It's so fun seeing things from your children's perspective!

My twincesses received cameras too but now Mommy has to figure out how up upload the photos since a few crucial pieces went missing.

Summer said...

you have a cute blog here- and such a happy life! Remember to enjoy every day no matter how mundane!

xoxo, summer