Monday, January 17, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Another's true, change really is the only constant.

I vividly remember finishing their nursery as I entered the third trimester (see pics here). I remember sitting in the rocker, rubbing my belling, dreaming and praying that I'd bring 2 healthy babies home from the hospital, and I did. I remember the tiny bassinet they slept in for their first 6 weeks home. I'd roll over at night and just stare and them, dreaming and praying that I wouldn't make too many mistakes, I did and their unconditional love showed me it was okay. I remember moving them into the nursery, right around their due date. I tip-toed into that room every hour on the hour, checking to make sure they were still breathing. I sat in their rocker, continually amazed that they were all mine.

Some nights they'd scream in pure terror and I'd ask Jeremy when he thought it would be that they'd climb into bed and fall asleep without fuss?

Before long, it was time to move them out of cribs and into rooms of their own, a transition I dreaded and they didn't handle well (see pics here). My night time stops before bed doubled and Lilly began to insist she sleep under a fort and Addy slept with a minimum of 15 blankets and stuffed animals, so sometimes getting a peek of them would inadvertently wake them up. Sometimes when they were in their deepest sleep, I'd share my dreams and prayers with them.

Last night, just shy of the 3 1/2 year mark their little beds became big beds. My little girls all of a sudden seemed so very, very....BIG. I brushed teeth and read books, then they both climbed into their big beds, waited patiently to be tucked in and drifted off to sleep. I stopped in last night and thanked God that we've made it this far and to recognize that most days I forget just how fortunate we are.


Lauren said...

Yay for big girl beds! Now would you mind coming over here and getting us through all that transition/change stuff you mentioned?! Thanks!

Christina said...

Yay! That's great!! :) We moved Chase from a crib into a twin back in June, and then into a full about 2 months ago. He has never slept so well and it makes me think we should have done this a LOOOONG time ago!

Jillian said...

It's sad that they don't look that small in those giant beds :( But yay for successful transitions and peaceful good nights. And for new king beds for the parents!

Kim said...

So cute! I love how each of their rooms are so uniquely them. All of our babies are growing up! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

The beds look even bigger in real life!!! I went to see them yesterday( Jeremy did a fabulous job of putting them together!) and the girls held my hand to take me upstairs to see their new beds--they are really proud of their rooms--Lilly promptly started jumping up and down on her bed---Addy showed me how many books she has in her room!!!Hold on tight it is going to be a wild ride with them!!!
GaGa Ian