Monday, January 31, 2011

Who knew my brother was a romantic?

Many folks know the story, but Jeremy proposed on the beach in Florida, the catalyst to us deciding to get married on the beach just a year after the engagement. He's not the most romantic guy, but it was wonderful and his mom was just thankful the ring didn't appear somewhere mid-flight and he didn't propose to me sitting in coach eating peanuts. Hard to believe that was seven years ago now! Until last weekend, I thought my brother was pretty similar to Jeremy in the romance category, but perhaps they all have a bit of a hopeless romantic bottled up inside!
I've known A LOT of proposal stories, but my brother's now takes the cake! He's been conspiring since NOVEMBER--with the ring bought, permission from her father given weeks ago, but he waited until all the stars alligned and it was perfect! He invited her family from Michigan and us from Indianapolis (Aunt Cat you were SOOOOOOO missed!) to Joseph Decuis Restaurant in Roanoke, IN. She thought she was attending a vendor appreciation dinner and they did a tour of the farm, complete with a winter sleigh ride. He proposed, she said yes, they then headed to the restaurant for dinner. A private room with all of us and her entire family awaited them! Good food, great atmosphere and a fabulous beginning for the two of them! Congrats to Maggie & Jon!

Complete shock as she came in the room!

The three look-outs watching out the window for their truck to pull up tot he restaurant. Charlie is in the middle--Maggie's ADORABLE nephew--apparently Lilly knew love was in the air!

Perfect Pair!

The blended families--Cheers!


Joan said...

Congratulations, Jonathan! - Aimee: pass on our warm wishes, please!

Catherine said...

Congratulations Jonathan and Maggie! I am so, so happy for you and so proud of Jonathan - having two older, bossy sisters maybe finally paid of for you:) Thanks for all the photos Aimee!

Brooke said...

Congratulation Jonathan! So excited for your family Aimee ... great news!