Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's go fly a kite

We continue to try and reward good behavior and avoid going completely ballistic over the tantrums and bad behavior that occasionally seem to be taking over around here. So, this week, the girls reached their 10 stars on the reward chart-so they were rewarded with a special adventure with dad. Typically, we try and do these separately, but they opted to do it together. I worked late, Daddy picked up from pre-school, packed dinner up and headed to the park. They flew a kite, played at the new park and went for frozen yogurt with unlimited toppings. A perfect 3 year old day!

I began the chart over again this morning, and was asking them what this next reward could be. My little manipulator Lilly, quickly suggested....Disney World?


Brooke said...

Nice pics Jeremy ... props to dad!