Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Judgement Here...

I love the 3-year old world the girls live in, they are soaking in life to the fullest and have absolutely no judgement of anyone. I took them to the pool on Sunday, another girl was having her family birthday party. Within minutes of the girl and her family arriving, A & L were her best friends. They shared their kick-boards and beach ball, she shared her barbie. They didn't hesitate to introduce themselves and get to the fun stuff. I watched from the sidelines and decided adults could learn a few things from them. I still clam up occasionally in a room full of folks I don't know.

Their view of people different than them is another lesson we could all learn from. When we were downtown a few weeks ago, two men holding hands were walking their dog in front of us on the sidewalk. A & L asked a ton of questions...about the dog. They think wheelchairs are the coolest thing they've ever seen. I loathed my freckles growing up and now Lilly celebrates hers, each night looking for a 'new' one to show off.

They don't hesitate to pick their nose in public, forget to cross their legs when wearing a dress, they eat with their fingers and they pick out mix-match socks (and sometimes shoes for that matter). So, I shouldn't have been surprised when yesterday they wanted to wear their princess dresses while riding their bikes.

We could all us an afternoon as a bike-riding princess, right?


A.C. Ford said...

Too cute! Kids and their ability to just see a person and not a circumstance is awesome. I love it.