Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer To-Do's

1. Princess Camp (check)

2. Swim Lessons (in progress)

3. Vacation Bible School

4. Father's Day at the lakehouse (check)

5. Back-to-Nature Camp at the YMCA

6. Trip to Pennsylvania

7. Trip to Chicago

8. Trip to Hilton Head

We are busy! The girls are LOVING summer. They were a bit disappointed waking up and NOT putting on a princess dress this morning. We had a rainy day but made the best of it with friends. Here are some pictures of the Princess Camp Graduation Performance last week:

Tinkerbell and her Tambourine
I'm hoping the dance instructor gets a kick-back from Disney for the early brainwashing that went on....

Addy on the Red Carpet

Lilly & Ms. Kelley

Dancing Queens


Anonymous said...

Great pics the girls loved princess camp and the ending performance was fun to watch the girls had a blast.
They loved walking the red carpet
Ga Ga Linda