Tuesday, October 23, 2007

11 weeks old/Bathtime Fun

October 19th brought another friend into the world--Claire Elizabeth Baxter was born to Rachel & Brogan Baxter. Whenever I talk about Rachel, I have to tell you that she was the first person to ever sit down next to me and my sister, the "new kids in school" during our first day at Terre Haute South. We became fast friends and I have a feeling Claire, Addy & Lilly will too! I think the last baby to arrive in my group of friends is Baby Jack Watko (due late Nov.), he will round out the year. I'm sure I echo Gretchen & Paul's feelings when I say we are ready to welcome him into the world--hang in their Gretchen!

We went to our 2 1/2 month doctor's appointments and the doctor was pleased at how much the girls have grown! Addison has grown from her birth weight of 4 lbs 5 oz to a whopping 10 lbs 15 oz while her big sister Lillian has gone from 4 lbs 15 oz to 11 lbs 8 oz. They had all of their vaccines and it was traumatic, but I'm sure more traumatic for me and dad than for them! Jeremy kept his eyes closed as he held Ms. Lilly.

They are beginning to like bathtime more and more and it is probably my favorite time with them. I can't wait until they can sit on their own and splash around! Here is my favorite pic (notice how the duck is strategically placed!) Their eyes aren't normally this big, but it is funny to see how much they look alike in this pic.

And how about our grumpiest baby of the day....

This is a fun time with them, they are getting more and more alert and I'm getting more comfortable going out with them. I do have to mentally prepare for our outings as I joke we are a true spectacle, otherwise known as a freak show. The twin pregnancy books I read warned me that we would reach "celebrity status" but seriously it is a little ridiculous! Everyone wants to tell me about their best friends brother's fiancee goddaughter who just had twins and how heroic it is. I just want to walk around with flashcards that read...

  • 11 weeks
  • no, they aren't identical
  • no, we don't get much sleep
  • yes, we agree, better us than you

I actually want to make a plug for the website http://www.gabbybaby.com/, these baby clothes are hilarious and originated from a mom that was sick and tired of the ridiculous things people asked her. My favorite is the "Don't touch my hands, I put them in my mouth" onsie.

Then maybe people would just let me run my errands in peace, I'm not in Target for small talk--probably more formula, more diapers, dinner, etc. And, I'm typically trying to avoid a meltdown from one of them, so I don't have a lot of spare time...


Catherine said...

My congratulations to Rachel:) I remember what a sweet girl she was to us:) My goodness Addy and Lilly have grown! They are so funny - I cannot believe how frustrated Lilly looks! She looks like she might have a temper:) I cannot believe how they fit together in that little baby bathtub! Aimee - how about one of these days you put those adorable babies in one of the cute outfits I have sent to them and take a pic:) My nieces are so beautiful:) I know I say that in every response but I just cannot get over how funny and cute they are:) Three weeks till I take my girls shopping:):):) There will have to be a blog entry for Addy and Lilly's First Black Friday! First of many:)

jillian said...

Hilarious post and thanks for the bathtime pictures, they are so cute. I cannot imagine how annoying it is to get those comments all the time when you have barely enough time to run errands as it is. I will think twice now before I ooh and ahh and babies when I'm shopping!

Anonymous said...

any pics of their tiny p-ss-'s?