Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Friends

I'm delayed in welcoming Chase Palsky into the world. Christina is an OLD friend of mine, (blog linked on the right). Our families vacationed together when we were young and we attended countless Sunday school classes together. I also can speak for her maternal instincts because we played house together so often--she's going to be a great mom! So, there is irony that we enter the world of motherhood so close together! Chase was born on 9/27/07. I can't wait to meet you Chase!
Next, in the year of the babies came Audrey Katherine Spice. Audrey arrived on October 11th, so she is exactly 2 months younger than Addy & Lilly. Amanda and I went to high school together and were sorority sisters at Butler. I visited her last night at the hospital and Mom & baby are doing well! Congrats Amanda & Jarrod!
So, to quote my father-in-law, "Your friends sure are fertile!" Yes, yes they are, but atleast I can rest easy and know that Addy and Lilly have so many friends before they even realize it!


Christina said...

Wow, what a couple of cute babies!

I still can't believe we both have our babies. It seems like just last week my mom was telling me we were due at the same time!