Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Day in the Life-2 months old today

I still don't know if we do this age thing by weeks or months, but today is the 11th of October and they were born the 11th of August, so we are saying Happy Birthday baby girls! They aren't happy campers today as we still seem to be working out some feeding issues as Lilly has been throwing up and Addy is more fussy than usual, so we are visiting the doctor this afternoon. However, I've been taking some pictures of what a typical day around here looks like...

When Grandpa & Grandma Sadler are here, we like to walk around the neighborhood--but no stroller for us, we'd rather be cuddled while we walk!

Lilly likes her swing only sporadically, here she is after a feeding, looking a little drunk!
Addy LOVES this mirror from Grandpa Ian, she's facinated with herself. Funny that we've spent hundreds of dollars on chairs & swings & strollers, but she is most content with a 10 buck mirror!

If it is a lucky day, we have a playdate with a friend, here is baby Addy and baby Mallory Cahill

It isn't often we sleep, but we like to sleep most cuddling with visitors. Here is Lilly and Grandpa Ash!

So, the question is, can you spoil babies, because ours seem to be slightly spoiled and know exactly how to get what they want!


Catherine said...

Why do they keep getting cuter????? How is it possible? Lil does look a teensy bit intoxicated - and Addy is hilarious with her mirror!!! Lil is also a bit dwarfed by that giant swing! Addy looks like she likes being with her new friend, a good thing you are getting these babies socialized so early:)