Monday, July 21, 2008

Daddy's Day

Well, the twins LOVED having Aunt Cat here and already miss her (COME BACK SOON!). However, they had a blast with Daddy this weekend. He's been working a lot lately, so it was fun to have a couple days of him all to ourselves! We went to the Northside Twins & Multiples Club picnic on Saturday. Talk about mass CHAOS--there were over 100 families there with twins and higher order multiples. However, I have to admit there is something peaceful about being around that assures me that I can make it through another day and life certainly could be crazier. This is probably another reason I watch "Jon & Kate plus Eight". Then Sunday, they pooled with Dad while I attended the baby shower of Lauren Edmundson--another friend having TWIN BOYS anytime now! Here are some pictures of the weekend.

All the fun had the girls exhausted and last night they slept from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.! It was a welcomed change because we are usually up around 5:30 a.m. as Cat informed everyone in the previous post...Today we are gearing up for a quick visit from Grandma Linda. She's flying in from Pittsburgh for her "baby fix".

Addy & Lilly are hilarious right now, as soon as anyone picks them up, they are "exploring" your face--nose, ears, teeth, tongue and they laugh anytime they get their fingers inside a mouth. It's pretty funny. Lilly babbles non-stop, the girl has so much to say, I just know once she starts, we may never have quiet in this house again. Addy has begun to be very interested in how things work--buckles on the strollers, carseat straps, etc. She also crawls around the play room and puts toys into various boxes. Hopefully this isn't a sign that she will be neurotic like her mother.

Bottom line is we are LOVING summer. Despite the 90 degree days here in Indiana, we are having a blast. As for an update about me, I accepted a job working for Gamma Sigma Alpha. It will be 20 hours a week beginning in the fall. A lot of the work will be from home with a day or 2 in the office. I'm hoping this will give me the best of both worlds--an opportunity to stay connected to higher education and the chance to stay home with my girls. If I can stay sane, my goal would be to do this through them going off to kindergarten--but I can't even think that far into the future right now! I start the position August 1.


Ashley said...

That job sounds AWESOME Aimee! yeah, I'm STILL stalking the baby blog! Lol! Give Addy and Lilly my love and a BIG hug for you too!

jen lev said...

um those pokadot outfits are DARLING!!!

Catherine said...

Jeremy - Where are your pink polka dots???? I really am Addy & Lilly's stylist!!! They look so cute in their pink outfits with their metallic pink sneaks! I miss them so much!! I do not however miss 5 AM. Honestly their love for the early morning is really their only fault. And one that I have little doubt they will outgrow. I will be back to see my little angels soon:) I tell you Aimee and Jeremy you guys are tough - when I got home I thought to myself in the brilliant words of Lilly, "Whoa!"

Christina said...

Those outfits are so great! I want one for myself!!