Friday, July 11, 2008

To cage or not to cage?

We bought what manufacturers call a giant "playyard." We call it the baby cage. Honestly, I've become the parents I used to think were ridiculous. We bought it for the lakehouse, because I thought caging them was a better option than losing one of my babies in the bottom of the lake, but they actually liked it! It was a way for them to be outside without free reign to eat grass and everything else they can get their hands on. We have also converted our former "living room" into their indoor caged playroom. We officially now live in a gated community! Again, surprisingly, they like it! I'm not sure I had many options considering the new quickness of my little ones. The pic below is still a work-in-progress (no wall decs yet). And some more 4th of July pics (more to come, I was camera happy that day). So, my vote is to cage....let the judging begin.


Dumas Family said...

I am not even sure why this is coming up for debate?? My vote is to cage. I am extremely jealous of your caged playroom! And what a brilliant idea to buy the playard for the lake! Cage it is!

Christina said...

I also think caging is a brilliant idea and once Chase becomes mobile (at this rate, I imagine that will be around the time he's 32 or so) I think we will do the same thing! Their playroom looks like fun and it's safe, and I love the idea for the lake.
Another thing I don't have a problem with? Those baby leashes. I think they're marvelous. Again, when Chase is 32, he will be leashed.

Catherine said...

I love Addy and Lilly's maxidresses! My goodness their wardrobe is fantastic! I love it:) The cage thing is a little crazy - it is like the biggest cage I have ever seen. I guess it is a good thing - better than those two wandering off. Can you imagine what we would have done to Jonathan if he was in a cage when he was little???? Good times;)

I CANNOT wait to see my nieces! They are so big now and they just look so smart - I know that it is difficult to judge intelligence at one year but I just know they are brilliant. Just a couple more days till I see you guys:)

Lili said...

I agree! I think the cage is a BRILLIANT idea! It's like the best of both worlds- outside and still in a contained area!
Girls- you are growing up so fast I can't stand it!

jillian said...

I agree, I am a firsthand witness to its brilliance at the lake. Definitely a fan of "caging".

The Gerwer Babies said...

Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!! I love the coral idea, i was planning on doing the same thing for our quads when they start moving around! I am sure that moment will come sooner than later :)