Friday, July 18, 2008

Guest Blogger (Aunt Cat): Visiting Addy & Lilly

First let me begin by describing how brilliant my nieces are. This morning (and I do mean morning, 5:30 AM to be exact) we were sitting in the family room looking at their flash cards and they have a flashcard that says "BED" with a picture of a bed (I know, very ironic since that is where a person should be at 5:30 AM) and they both said "BALL" and then we went to the next flashcard which says "BIRD" and they both said "BALL." This is evidence that they can read the letter "B" at 11 months and are both ready for MENSA.

Next I have to tell a story that I know will make my brother-in-law cringe;) We took the girls shoe shopping yesterday since I have a need to spoil them. Their mom had them wearing shoes they were a little snug on their feet. So we took Lilly's shoes off and put little pink metallic sneakers on her feet and she flexed and pointed her toes and peered over to admire how cute her feet looked! And Addy did the same thing. They are champion shoppers - they love to shop - we went to two different malls yesterday and they loved it - they were high-fiving salespeople and basically being adorable. They clap all the time, for anything and Addy waves at anything or anyone at pretty much anytime. Lilly is hilarious and keeps saying "WOAH" about every new thing that happens throughout the day. They are little divas though, they do like things done to their specifications! They loved having dinner last night at Uncle Jonathan's un-babyproofed house - they had tons of dangerous electronics and expensive equipment to rifle through!

I know this blog is dedicated to the amazingness of Addy and Lilly but I have to give my sister and Jeremy a massive amount of credit for the amazingness. When I arrived on Wednesday we all sat in the playroom for a little while with Jeremy and Lilly playing the piano and Addy and Aimee playing with toys and it was really hard to figure out who adored who more. Addy & Lilly love their mom and dad and I am pretty certain that Addy and Lilly are so happy and contented because they know how beloved they both are. Alas, there is still tension between me and my favorite brother-in-law who did not exactly take to all the outfits I brought for Addy & Lilly (see pictures below!) and again last night brought up the tragedy that is the electric blue polyester blend Colts jersey and how he was going to retro-fit my gorgeous nieces into one of them. This is obviously unacceptable. Do not fear blogosphere, all is not lost on that front, as I still have one more day here to prevent this impending catastrophe! Please look at these pictures of my beautiful, brilliant diva nieces and tell me if you have ever seen anything cuter in your life;)


Anonymous said...

Lilly looks as if she is saying--if you are going to dress me up like this the least you should do is give me my favorite food to eat---I am disturbed that you spend a great deal more time describing shopping than eating because when we are there Addy and Lilly are far more interested in what is for breakfast,lunch and dinner than silly things like shoes and dresses!!!!Have you seen Addy crawl around with a stuffed animal or her ball in her mouth---she thinks she's a retriever!!!!!
I am glad that Aunt Cat is having such a wonderful time with her nieces and know she will be signing them up very soon to do some modelling and advertising shoots!
Grandpa Ian

Lili said...

Aunt Cat-

I'm so jealous that you get to spend time with my two favorite twins in the world! I'm happy to hear that they went shoe shopping and got pink sneakers. Pink is a GREAT color! Keep practicing those flashcards girls! MENSA indeed!
Girls- Aunt Cat LOVES LOVES LOVES getting up early in the morning (especially when she is on vacation) so keep it up ;) (just kidding Aunt Cat!)
Addy is so cute with her hairbrush and Lilly looks like she saw something in the corner (like a new pair of shoes) that caught her attention!
I hope to see you guys in DC soon!

Dumas Family said...

Aunt your additions to the blog! Have I mentioned that you need to have your own blog? I would totally stalk it! :) Addy and Lilly have the bestest aunt in the whole world in you! Oh and PS-you are more than welcome to take Jacob shoe shopping any time. Currently he is going shoeless because his mommy has yet to get him measured properly. :)