Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Waiting for Aunt Cat...

Our favorite aunt is coming to visit today.
We are so excited for her 3 day stay.
She promised shopping, swimming and the zoo.
We want to show her all that we do that is new!
Waving, clapping and showing "How big?"
It isn't long until we could get our own gig...
"Ball" and "Boat" are our two favorite words.
We should be resting up--but that napping thing is for the birds!
FYI: You have to tilt your head to watch the video, not sure why I shot it sideways and have no idea if you can rotate once filmed.


Brooke said...

Tyson can't wait to see his twin girlfriends soon! We are excited about the b-day party!! We will be in Indy this weekend too : ) Have fun with Aunt Cat!!

Lili said...

Girls- I am so excited that you get to spend the weekend with your aunt Cat! You are going to have so much fun! Enjoy!

Catherine said...

I am here with my brilliant, beautiful nieces!!! For my arrival they were wearing outfits I brought the last time I was here (see pictures) and they looked so freaking gorgeous! They are so unbelieveably smart - - they are like little explorers. Anyway I will gush incessantly later but suffice it to say that Addy and Lilly are amazing.

Christina said...

I do that all the time (turn the video sideways)! I have spent hours in iMovie trying to correct it and I still can't figure out how, so if you do, let me know!

They are so cute and obviously very excited to see their Aunt Cat (who wouldn't be, she's hilarious)!!