Monday, September 22, 2008

13 month movies

As illustrated in my last post, Lilly isn't at all camera shy, she loves attention! Addy is a bit harder to catch on video. She's equally as funny, just in different ways. Her favorite thing right now is walking around the house wearing her sunglasses, but she takes them off as soon as the camera is out. Instead of puckering and giving kisses, she is blowing kisses these days, that is what she is doing in the video below. We are gearing up for our first real road trip with the girls. Yes, I know, they are over a year old, but remember there are 2 of them! We've done the Ash lakehouse (2 hours) and that is the farthest we've attempted with our girls that don't so much like the car. But, we determined that Grandma and Grandpa Sadler have waited long enough to show off our girls to friends in PA, so Pittsburgh or bust! We leave Friday, so keep your fingers crossed for us.


Catherine said...

Turtle!!!! Addy is so smart - and so cute trying to catch the kisses that are being blown at her! I adore the latest pictures of the girls - they are so happy:) Seriously it cracks me up that they are so cheerful. These videos are adorable, they do seem to play to the camera;) Good luck on your road trip Aimee and Jeremy! I will be thinking about you guys on your cross-country trek.

Lili said...

DC or bust! that is the next trip so I can meet these girls!!!
These videos are soooo cute!