Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pittsburgh or Bust

I'd like to say that Grandma and Grandpa Sadler have patiently waited for us to visit Pittsburgh with the girls and if by patient, you mean, nagging every chance they get and taking every opportunity to tell people that we hadn't made the trip yet, then yes, patient would be the word. But, 15 months since my mom threw me a Pennsylvania baby shower, we decided they had waited long enough. The truth is that with the girls born early, we missed the window of opportunity to travel while they would peacefully sleep in the car. And if I'm being totally honest, I was kind of terrified to travel with them considering they kind of hate being confined right now. So, we timed it to leave right after Mom's Day Out, knowing they would be especially tired. So, dressed in our Steelers shirts, we were off for our road trip.

"Mom, seriously, there are a lot of cows in Indiana."

"Don't worry, I heard the shag look is making a comeback."

An hour into our trip and the girls' very peaceful nap, we hit traffic in Dayton and they were awake...for the duration. With 4 more driving hours and atleast an hour stop, we went through a lot of food (think Wendy's vanilla frosty), watched the same Elmo video on Mommy's laptop 4 times and had a full blown-hour long meltdown (Addy). However, I'm pleased to say it was worth it! Grandma & Grandpa loved showing them off. They were spoiled by their friends, we caught up with old friends and we all had a blast.

"Mmmmmm, this bacon stuff is good, who needs blueberries and waffles?"

"Grandma Linda, I'm a celebrity around here, even the mailman knows me...do you show my picture to everyone? Have you no shame?" -Lilly

"Grandpa, one of these guys lives at the Indy zoo, did he come here with us?"-Addy

"No swimming? But you never say 'no' to this face."-Lilly

"Could you put some of that wine in a sippy for me?"--Addy

"Okay, so let's get this straight--our moms were friends when they were kids? Our moms were kids?" Nicolina, Lilly & Addy becoming fast friends (don't mind the drool, we were feeding them to get them to sit still)

Oh, and if you are wondering how the car ride home was...we left at their bedtime and drove through the night...much better plan. (A couple firsts--first time with a babysitter who wasn't family and first time tasting bacon) Thanks for an awesome weekend! We'll come back--promise!


Christina said...

Wow, what a road trip! You guys are braver than we are, but I'm glad it turned out well!

Okay, Nicolina has to be Jessica's baby because she looks just like her mom! So cute that the girls all got to meet each other!

Catherine said...

Nicolina looks exactly like a mini Jessica - what a picture that is of the three of them! I cannot, CANNOT believe that we are so old!!! The babies look so happy (must be the bacon!) A - I can't believe you let them eat bacon. (do they even make organic bacon - isn't that a little bit of an oxymoron!!!)

Good job though on the road trip and I have to say Lilly does not look very surprised to be famous:) It is their due, after all. Truly I am impressed you made it so long in the car though - I did not enjot Addy's 15 minute long meltdown so an hour would have been a nightmare! They are both getting so big now - it does crack me up to no end how much they love the zoo. I suggested that their Grandma and Grandpa Sadler take them to Sea World;)

Lili said...

I agree! Seaworld! They are so cute and I'm glad that they did ok in the car ride (forget about the hour long meltdown). Now they can come to DC!!!!!

What kind of bacon was it? turkey bacon?