Friday, September 5, 2008

What a week! First day of school?

Well, today was Addy & Lilly's first day in the "Mom's Day out Program" down the street. I was worried because it would mean skipping morning naps and some adjustment being away from mom for 4 hours. The verdict is in and they did great. Both scoring 10's on their "report card." This is my attempt at finding some work/home balance and I'm really hoping we don't see repercussions of adjusting their schedules this weekend and it goes off well next week. I'm enjoying my new job, but nap times come and go quickly! That is the main reason I don't blog as much as I used to. That and the girls are so busy. I've caught Lilly in the toilet, Addy climbing the stairs, eating off the pantry floor, etc. Their favorite activity right now is letting them play with their walkers out in the driveway. I have to check my OCD tendencies in the house and let them have fun. We go straight into the bathtub to scrub the dirt...a video is below, but it's hard to catch on video as they are usually going in separate directions. They love the park and pictures from the swings are below. I also put up a cute picture of my dad and Lilly at the zoo last week that I think is adorable. The other video is my laughing machine. It doesn't take much to get these girls laughing these days. I'm still trying to catch them tickling one another on video. It has happened a couple of times when I'm not in the room, but I can't get to my camera quickly enough. That's it for now, back to work while they are sleeping.

"Mom--did you you know we get a snack, lunch and no naps in this place--I think it's heaven!" (Thanks for the birthday outfits Kristina--aren't they cute?)

"I can reach you if I really try..."


"Mom, check it out, I have more hair than grandpa!"


Catherine said...

I am still laughing over those videos!!!! Lilly is filthy! What is she doing? Why does she like dirt so much? She does not get that from me. I recognize those cute pink metallic kicks that they are wearing and Lilly's pink polka-dotted outfit - she certainly does have more hair than Grandpa! I am so glad they liked being at Mom's day out - they certainly seem to like the swings. They are very outdoorsy little girls - I don't know Aimee but I just don't remember us kicking back in the dirt!

jillian said...

Hope it is still working out to have them at the Mother's Day Out, that's a great idea. And glad the job is going well too, can't wait to hear more about it.