Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Here we are, the middle of September. The girls are 13 months old. They crack me up atleast a few times a day now. They are so smart--we had another evaluation by "First Steps" an early-intervention agency in town that checks on kids who are be predisposed for developmental delays (ie. preemies). They passed with flying colors. The therapists were great and challenged us for 10-15 words by 15-16 months, so we've been trying to step up our vocabulary. They definately know what I'm saying. Lilly loves the game "Find the_________" it can keep her busy. She can find her toy Boat, Bear, Ball, Book, Car. Addy typically looks at me like, "It's right there, if you can see it, get it your damn self." But, it's entertaining nonetheless.

This has been my first opportunity to post pics of our little bike riders--who knew you could look so cute sporting helmets?

This past weekend, I sold some baby stuff in the Northside Twins & Multiples sale, so Grandma & Grandpa Sadler had the girls for the day. The wagon picture is from their trip to the Farmer's Market. They are celebrities there and each stand gives them treats--blueberries, homemade bread, etc. Their favorite booth is the pet treats tent. They get excited to see the dogs and when you ask them what sound they make, they'll try and let out "woof". It's all pretty damn cute.
We also celebrated with Jacob for his first birthday! It was a Colts themed party and the girls had a great time! Happy Birthday Jacob--we love you!

L-R: Jacob, Addy, Lilly & Jack Watko (Not an easy crew to get to sit quietly for a picture)

R-L: Addy, Jacob, Lilly & Jack (Addy refused the hat)

Today, we had our first trip to the Dentist! Yep, you read it right. The truth is, I'm kind of crazy about clean teeth and I'll probably pass this on to my children. I NEVER miss a cleaning. It's just one of those weird things...So, when my pediatrician saw that they were cutting their molars, she thought I should take them. They were BIG girls and climbed into the BIG chairs. She had an Elmo light, so they thought that was pretty cool. No cavities, so all is well in the world.

"Mom, you think she'll notice if I take this home?"--Lilly

"Now where have I seen that red, furry guy before..."--Addy


Catherine said...

Way to be good girls at the dentist! You girls look like you are really enjoying being pulled around in your wagon by your grandpa;) You have a sweet life with wagon and cup-holders. Heard you are going on your first big roadtrip to Pittsburgh - 5 hours on the road - should be fun or could be hellish (I am hoping for the first!). Nice that your mom needs to include a picture of you two in those horrendous jerseys in every single blog entry now!

Good job with all the walking though! I am so proud of you.